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Welcome to CAMS 2016

CAMS2016 “Advancing Materials and Manufacturing!”: Welcome from the Co-Chairs:

We respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri People, and their Elders past and present, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Swinburne’s Australian campuses are located in Melbourne’s east and outer- east. We are honoured to recognise our connection to Wurundjeri Country, history, culture and spirituality through these locations, and strive to ensure that we operate in a manner that respects the Elders and Ancestors of these lands. Welcome to Country.

The response to the Combined Australian Materials Societies 2016 conference has been absolutely outstanding! The attendance will be global, the calibre of Plenary, Keynote and Invited speakers is exceptional, and the breadth and depth of contributed papers and posters is extraordinary. The conference theme is “Advancing Materials and Manufacturing!” and was convened at Swinburne University of Technology from 6th-8th December, 2016.

CAMS2016 continues a series of meetings that evolved from cooperation between two eminent materials professional societies in Australia: Materials Australia (MA) and the Australian Ceramic Society (ACS). The forging of joint objectives has created a series of meetings that started in 2004. These have been:

  • A combined MA/ACS conference (MAC-1): Melbourne 29th November – 1st December 2004. co-Chairs Jian-Feng Nie and Nigel Stone.
  • Materials & AustCeram 2007 (MAC-2): Sydney 4th – 6th July 2007. co-Chairs Simon Ringer and Dan Perera.
  • Materials & AustCeram 2009 (MAC-3): Surfers Paradise 1st – 3rd July 2009. co-Chairs Jian-Feng Nie and Chris Berndt.
  • CAMS 2014: Sydney 26th – 28th November 2014. co-Chairs Julie Cairney and Chris Sorrell

CAMS2016 builds on the legacy of the above meetings and the co-Chairs recognise, and are grateful for, the contributions and ground-breaking work of the Past Chairs of these meetings. Thank you!

A conference of this calibre requires the input and energy of many experts and champions. Thus, CAMS2016 has been organised around the 13 Symposium themes that are listed below with their corresponding Chairs. The conference stands on the shoulders of these experts who have dedicated their time and intellect to developing a comprehensive program. Thank you!

  • FUTURE MANUFACTURING, PROCESSES AND PRODUCTS – Dr Yvonne Durandet (Swinburne University of Technology) and Prof Milan Brandt (RMIT)
  • BIOMATERIALS AND CERAMICS – Prof Andrew Ruys (The University of Sydney)
  • TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH IN POLYMERS AND COMPOSITES – Prof Bronwyn Fox (Swinburne University of Technology) and Dr Nishar Hameed (Swinburne University of Technology)
  • DURABLE MATERIALS FOR DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS – Prof. Matthew Barnett (Deakin University)
  • MATERIALS FOR ENERGY GENERATION, CONVERSION & STORAGE – A/Prof. Lan Fu (Australian National University), Dr. Judy Hart (University of New South Wales) and Dr. Rachel Caruso (The University of Melbourne)
  • ADVANCES IN MATERIALS CHARACTERISATION – Prof. Julie Cairney (The University of Sydney) and Dr. Vijay Bhatia (The University of Sydney)
  • ADVANCES IN STEEL TECHNOLOGY – Prof. Elena Pereloma (University of New South Wales) and Dr. Hossein Beladi (Deakin University)
  • CORROSION AND DEGRADATION AND WEAR OF MATERIALS – A/Prof. Scott Wade (Swinburne University of Technology) and Prof. Nick Birbilis (Monash University)
  • LIGHT METALS DESIGN – Dr. Nikki Stanford, (Monash University)
  • METAL CASTING AND THERMALCHEMICAL PROCESSING – Prof. Matthew Dargusch (The University of Queensland) and Prof. Mark Easton (RMIT University)
  • NANOSTRUCTURED AND NANOSCALED MATERIALS – Prof. Jan Seidel, (University of New South Wales)
  • CEMENTS AND GEOPOLYMERS & USE OF WASTE MATERIALS – Dr. Rackel San Nicolas (The University of Melbourne)
  • NUCLEAR WASTE & FUEL – Dr. Daniel Gregg (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) and Dr. Lou Vance (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)

The Program Organizing Committee (POC) has been responsible for setting the conference theme and orchestrating the many and varied components of a world-class technical meeting. The POC has met throughout late 2015 and 2016. The members of this committee, which includes the prior-stated conference co-Chairs, are recognized below.

  • Materials Australia Representatives: Dr. Yvonne Durandet (Swinburne University of Technology) and Dr. Nolene Byrne (Deakin University)
  • Australian Ceramic Society Representatives: Dr. Andrew Ang (Swinburne University of Technology) and Dr Dawn Kanost (Solid Oxide Fabricators Inc)
  • Materials Australia Executive Officer: Tanya Smith
  • Professional Conference Organizer: Julie Allen (The Full Pretzel Pty Ltd)

CAMS2016 has been honoured with the contribution of 3 outstanding Plenary Speakers of exceptional quality and global renown. The individuals are thanked for their time commitment to CAMS2016. They are:

  • Prof Michael KHOR, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore): Advanced Materials Processing Trends: Towards A More Integrated and Data-Intensive Approach for Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Prof David St JOHN, The University of Queensland: A Personal Perspective On the Intersection Between Materials Science and The Research Priorities of Manufacturing And Government
  • Prof B.S. MURTY, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India): Challenges in High Entropy Alloy Research


CAMS2016 has many key financial supporters. These include:
Conference Partners:Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Thermo Fisher. 
Conference Sponsors: Struers Inc., ATAScientific, CarlZeiss, Coherent Scientific. 
Exhibitors: Scientex, Newspec, Olympus, Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF), Lastek, AXT, and Springer. 

Swinburne University of Technology and Deakin University have also contributed significant resources that have supported this conference. The co-Chairs thank the leadership of these universities for their support and encouragement.

We sincerely appreciate the commitment of the above organizations to promote CAMS2016 and provide financial backing.This support has allowed the POC to attract a high calibre of Plenary, Keynote and Invited Speakers. This support has also enabled the conference attendees to socialize and network throughout the meeting by the provision of coffee and luncheon breaks.

The PCO would be remiss if we did not recognize the professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail of the CAMS2016 Professional Conference Organizer. Ms. Julie Allen of The Full Pretzel Pty Ltd has been a key player in the formulation and execution of the complex logistics that have revolved around CAMS2016. Thank you Julie for your wisdom and guidance!

Finally: The co-Chairs warmly welcome all delegates to CAMS2016. The conference promises to be an extraordinary event. And we also hope that you take some time to look around the local environment and enjoy wonderful Melbourne. We share your enthusiasm in “Advancing Materials and Manufacturing!” and wish that CAMS2016 is another springboard for your social, professional and networking interactions.



Meet the team

CAMS Organizing Committee

Co-Chair Chris Berndt cberndt@swin.edu.au
Co-Chair Peter Hodgson peter.hodgson@deakin.edu.au
MA National Office Tanya Smith tanya@materialsaustralia.com.au
MA representative Yvonne Durandet         ydurandet@swin.edu.au
MA representative Nolene Byrne nolene.byrne@deakin.edu.au
ACS representative Dawn Kanost treasurer@austceram.com
ACS representative Andrew Ang aang@swin.edu.au
Executive Assistant to Peter Hodgson           Marilyn Fisher marilyn.fisher@deakin.edu.au

Symposia Chairs

  • Cements and Geopolymers & Use of Waste Materials
    Rackel San Nicolas - University of Melbourne
    Contact: rackel.san@unimelb.edu.au

  • Nuclear Waste & Fuel                      
    Dan Gregg - ANSTO
    Contact:  daniel.gregg@ansto.gov.au
    Lou Vance - ANSTO
    Contact:  erv@ansto.gov.au

  • Surfaces, Thin Films & Coatings 
    Hugo Howse - United Surfaces Technologies
    Contact:  hhowse@ust.com.au
    Scott Elson - Oerlikon Metco Australia
    Contact:  scott.elson@oerlikon.com

  • Innovative Building Materials
    Frank Collins - Deakin University

Conference Secretariat 

Julie Allen
Mobile: 0411 243 029

The Full Pretzel
61 Blyth Street, Brunswick VIC 3056
Tel: 61 (0) 3 9389 0303
Fax: 61 (0) 3 9389 0399